Why do Locksmiths Exist? Do we need them?

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Why do Locksmiths Exist? Do we need them?

When was the last time you left your house without locking the door? How many times have you run back inside to grab your car keys? What do you do when you are running late and cannot find your keys? Have you ever found yourself stuck outside of your home late at night? These are perhaps the most stressful situations to be in and one that reoccurs for some on a weekly basis and for others once a year. It happens to the best of us.

Might we dare say inevitable and perhaps the reason why you have an AirTag on your keys, but what happens when you cannot find your phone? Alright, let us not go down that rabbit hole, but this is precisely why we need locksmiths services and one of the primary reasons why they exist: to ensure security, provide innovation, and to repair and restore what has been broken.

Security. According to the Collins dictionary, security is defined as “the measures that are taken to protect a place, or to ensure that only people with permission enter it or leave it (and) a feeling of being safe and free from worry.” Wherever we go we are in search of peace and security. When moving into a new neighborhood the first question we ask is whether or not it is a safe and secure neighborhood. When driving we are told to first put on our seatbelts to ensure safety and security.

Security is of essence and a state of being that is ingrained in our subconscious— the most desired state. One of the ways we ensure such security is in our homes, vehicles, and workplace. All of these three places have one thing in common and that is doors with locks and rarely do we see a door without a lock. Before locks were invented security for a home looked like building a wall, gate, or even having a night guard on duty.

There has always been a need for security and there has always been someone to provide it for others. Perhaps in a utopian world, with no crime and fear, security would come about naturally and not something we would have to worry about. However, that is not the case or our current reality. This leads me to the second reason why locksmiths exist and why we need them.

Innovation. As long as humanity flourishes, so will innovation— it cannot exist without us. If you have ever come across a locksmith once in your life, you will experience what I like to call the “light bulb effect”. Essentially, the customer who is in need of a locksmith finds themselves stuck and unsure how they are going to be able to get into their home or vehicle, fix a lock, install a lock, or upgrade their security system.

They are unable to come up with or find a solution, so they call their local locksmith in hopes that they can provide the solution. When asked how they will assist their customer the locksmith provides their customer with a variety of unthinkable options. Solutions vary from picking a simple lock to narrowing down the science of which cable ought to be connected to your security camera or providing the newest high-tech lock.

A lifetime can be spent trying, exploring, and creating easier and better ways to help those in need of a locksmith. The “light bulb effect” is the result of trial and error, but when the light bulb appears it solves the immediate issue— think of it as the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a never ending cycle of learning and creation; and all of this to meet your security needs. Which brings me to the final phase: repair and restoration.

Repair and Restoration. In a world that is constantly changing, exists a world that is in constant need of repairing and restoring. Perhaps you find yourself reading this in a 200 year old brownstone in Brooklyn that has a 200 year old lock. Although unfortunate, often there is a need to repair the lock due to how old it is or to completely change it.

Perhaps you tried installing your new security camera and now it is not working. The list can go on and on. Fortunately enough locksmiths do exist, to fix such inconveniences from the lock that you ended up hammering because you were trying to get in, to the security camera that went out due to an improper installation. Their goal is to efficiently repair and restore what has been damaged without adding any more external damages to what has been done.

Our locksmiths are here to serve and provide a service many might take for granted or that many are inherently unaware of. They attend to a need all of us have: for security, for innovation, repair, and restoration. In short, this is why locksmiths exist and why we need them.

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